July 1, 2013

Nobody is immune from Tragedy

From the Silver Linings writing in the book - The Whisper Of Your Soul

June 25, 2013

Listen To Your Inner Voice

Do not look back only look ahead
At all that awaits you
Look at this moment
Feel what you are feeling
Experience this present moment
For you have made a choice
A decision that will steer you
In a new direction
Opportunities will open up to you
Keep your heart open
Trust your instincts
Listen to your inner voice
You have the power
To access your inner wisdom
Be still
Be quiet
Let your wisdom guide you
On your own personal journey
By listening to your heart
Your soul will be alight
And let you be
All that you are intended to be
The future awaits
With open arms
But it is how you deal with
This present moment
That determines what the future has in store for you
Your actions today will determine your tomorrows
So be present in this moment
To reap the kind of tomorrow you dream about
It has been said since the beginning of time
Ask and you shall receive
And so it is
Know what you want
Ask for it
Dream it
be it
And live it

It is all there for the asking

By Karen Hackel

June 20, 2013

Remembering My Mom

Yesterday was six  years since my Mom passed away. The calendar day of a loved one's passing is hard. I always light a candle as a special tribute and to symbolize that her light continues to shine. I look at old photos and also take time to remember the good times. I know she would be so proud of me as she was my biggest cheerleader, and saw only the good in me. R.I.P.