September 3, 2012

Remembering You On Your Birthday

Many years of missed birthdays
Many years of missed joys
Of missed passions, of living, of loving
Many years have passed
Missing you, feeling you
Here but not here
Gone but not gone
Around but not around
Close yet so far
Feeling your presence
Yet missing you in the present
So near yet so far
At peace yet a piece of you is missing
For us left behind
Here, there, everywhere
A world away yet within the world
Always in our hearts
Always a part of us
Never to be forgotten
Never to be lost
For you live on in our memories
In our hearts, in our minds, in our souls
You are a part of us
We carry you within
Always held dearly
Always held closely
Always with love
The remembrances of days gone by
Of sharing, of living
Of laughing, of loving
An eternity ago but here for all eternity
You live on through us
For we remember the smile on your face
The twinkle in your eyes
The joy you shared
The love you spread
Never to be forgotten
Always to be cherished
Always to be remembered
Always is forever
We remember you forever and carry you in our hearts
In our minds, in our souls
You are a part of us that is forever entrenched
A bond never to be broken
A chain, a link
Connecting us for all eternity
Until we meet again
In love, in friendship
In joy, in healing
We are united
We are together
We are one
In spirit
In mind
In unity
Together as one
By Karen Hackel

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