November 5, 2012

Everything Is For A Reason

The task you have set
Will be a metaphor for life
There will be days
Of clear sailing
Yet on other days
There will be choppy waters

Some things will come
With pure ease
Yet there will be
Challenges, hurdles, and obstacles
To overcome
Remember everything is for a reason
The obstacles have their due course
And keep you on course
To navigate the water
Even though you think
You are off course
The detours are needed
To steer you where
You need to go
With the flow of the tides
To stay on the course
As best as you can
But to understand
There will be rough water days
And to find ways and means
To navigate those days
The sailboat starts in one place
And has a finish point
Sometimes that boat
Steers slightly off course
As the winds of change
Steer it in another direction
So, too, may you be
Steered in an alternative direction
However it is the journey
And the trip the sailboat takes
That is the essence of being
In the sailboat
And so it is with this task
Writing and compiling
You are the writer
You are the captain of the ship
Steering it this way and that
We are the winds to guide you
We are the water to support you
We are the sun to warm you
We are the clouds to protect you
We will help you navigate the way
But you will always be the captain
You are the one to open your heart
You have the key to the ship
The ship is at a standstill
Without the key being turned
So, too, is it with your writing
Whenever you are ready
To open your heart
To writing the words
We will be your ship
We will anchor you
When you need
We will cruise with you
When you need
We will go into high gear
When you need
You have all the controls
You need to steer the ship
Into beautiful sunsets
And beautiful dawns
You are the navigator
You are the adventurer
You are the captain
At times you will traverse
Unchartered territories
And make remarkable discoveries
At times you will traverse
Discovered lands
It is all part of the process
Of discovery
So as you continue your voyage
Know that there are
Ebbs and flows in the water
The currents will carry you
Through peaceful and turbulent water
Anytime you want
You can anchor the ship
And stop or a while.
To reflect
To absorb
To ponder
The journey you have taken
Thus far

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