November 8, 2012

We Are One

After the passing of my Father, I was receiving messages and I asked " Please talk to me about healing and especially for Mom, your soul-mate, who is slowly making the road back to recovery"
This is what I received. So grateful for this beautiful gift.

Healing Books

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Thank you  ~  Karen


  1. That really is beautiful, i am going through the same thing with my mom after the loss of my dad almost 2 years ago now. She is doing ok but will never be the same and just can't get past the hurt of losing her husband. My heart breaks looking at her sadness daily. This really was a beautiful gift you have shared and i plan to share it with her. Thank you and i hope your sadness starts to heal as well.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I hope this is a gift for your Mom. I feel it is for everyone who has lost someone and it really helped when my Dad passed on. My Mom was also never the same - this did offer a measure of comfort. This was written in 1998 - my Mom has since passed, too. I seek consolation in believing they are together. ~ Karen

  3. I just lost my husband to cancer this past January. We were married for 25 years. The loss is as fresh today as it was then. But I know he is with me. He has shown me in different ways. It gives me peace knowing this and that he isn't in pain anymore. But I still miss him so much.

  4. i love it the words are very touching you made me dream thank you for that kind manner and romantic words you used finally we are really one