May 17, 2015

"Seed Money"

I have felt the creative urge lately and have been dabbling in decoupage and collage using modge podge and different papers and textures. I am truly a novice and still have so much to learn. I commented to a friend on Friday that I don't have any rubber stamps to add to my designs. On a whim I decided to check craigslist  to see if anyone was selling any stamps and supplies. I have never previously bought anything on craigslist.

I was happy to find someone locally who was selling all their supplies for $250. It was more than I wanted to spend yet some of the items looked perfect. I sent a message to determine if the items were still available as the listing was 19 days old and I first wrote that I would offer $200 if they weren't sold. Something prompted me to change the offer of $200 to $210 before sending the message. A couple of hours later I received a response that the items were available and she would take $210.

Immediately I drove to the house and was surprised to see the extensive collection of supplies that were now mine. A lifetime of collecting with love and passion. Many, many storage containers filled with hundreds of treasures; beautiful papers, stickers, stamps, pens, books and so much more. I was over whelmed as I was not anticipating the vast array of wonderful things.

Lola, the lovely lady, selling her supplies and I started chatting and found out we are kindred souls. She told me that when she decided to sell her supplies she hoped the person who bought them would love them as much as she had loved them. Yes, Lola, I love them. Also, surprisingly in 19 days no-one else had responded to her post. They were waiting for me.

Yet here is the most magical part of this story. Lola's son recently started a new business. The day before he received a quote for yard signs to advertise and grow his business. Yes, you guessed it, the amount of the quote was a beautiful, round, exact $210. When Lola shared this with me - we both knew the universe had conspired in some mysterious way to bring us together. She proceeded to say the $210 was in essence "seed money" for his business.

In the future when I am creating art with all the wonderful supplies, I will feel good knowing that in some magical way buying these supplies was the start of a new business. The seeds have certainly been planted and I know her son's business will reap success and flourish. I cannot wait to see the yard signs sprouting up around town.

There is always flow in the universe as energy moves in different directions. Sometimes we are not aware of how our actions have such a profound and universal effect. There definitely was magic in the air on Friday causing this cosmic exchange of beautiful energy.

Karen Hackel


  1. I am also an artist (watercolors) and a poet. I love the power and beauty of this story. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I am a poet and speaking is my art. Synchronicity has guided my life and continues to do so today through reading your May :-) I love this read and will share it with friends!